Our background is rooted in a variety of disciplines, but we have one thing in common; a passion for data and a singular focus on your business.

As data volumes, types and speed grow exponentially; advanced analytics become a necessary instrument to extract knowledge from this valuable information torrent. Thus, we have become expert practitioners of a broad range of analytic techniques, including:

Descriptive Analytics

Techniques that can help better understand customers by segmenting them into similar groups, or to find frequent patterns in purchase activities, or identify sequences of events that follow consistent patterns.

Predictive Analytics

Goes beyond understanding the patterns in the data but leverages those patterns to make predictions about outcomes such as: which customers are more likely to leave to the competition? Which ones are more likely to respond to a certain promotion?

Text Analytics

Enables the mining of unstructured data such as free text, web content, social network data, emails and other forms of non-transactional information. With text analytics, unstructured data can be leveraged in predictive modelling and other applications such as sentiment analysis.

Prescriptive Analytics

As optimization methods have begun to enter the advanced analytics world, new possibilities have emerged for the use of data to improve business operations. With Prescriptive Analytics, the result of the analysis is not only a prediction of outcomes, but also the best action to achieve the desired outcome.

Put our technical expertise to work for your business.