We consider IBM’s SPSS Modeler to be the premiere data mining and predictive modelling platform in the industry today.

The SPSS Modeler platform allows organizations to leverage data in ways that, traditionally, would not be practical without a team of dedicated experts and is our the tool of choice for most of our projects. What sets Modeler apart from other solutions is a visual development interface combined with a robust set of packaged statistical algorithms that can be scaled to fit almost any business requirement from small to very large. Key product capabilities used by our team and our customers include:

Visual Programming

An intuitive ‘data flow’ paradigm that enables the design of very complex data transformation and modeling processes without coding.

Extensive Modeling Portfolio

SPSS Modeler features a vast library of data preparation, sophisticated predictive and descriptive modeling algorithms and visualization tools.

Automated Modeling Capabilities

Large scale model optimization capabilities through iterative model algorithm and model parameters optimization.

Text Analytics

Enables the extraction of features from unstructured data, such as free text, customer comments, and emails. This information can then be combined with structured data to enhance model performance.

Social Network Analysis

This recent addition to the SPSS Modeler solution provides specific algorithms that use link analysis to analyze social network data to identify sub networks, leaders and influencers.


The power of analytics is truly expressed when predictive models become an integral part of operational systems. The IBM SPSS platform enables rapid integration of modeling results into production processes, though batch and real-time scoring capabilities.

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