Elite Analytics to Enable New Predictive Solutions on z/OS

Embedded real-time analytics scoring on z/OS brings data

July 27, 2015 – At this week’s TDWI Analytics Experience conference in Boston, IBM and its partners announced new solutions that extend the options for implementing advanced analytics on z/OS.  First, Zementis has just made their predictive model deployment platform available on z/OS, providing PMML-based modeling tools such as SPSS, R and Knime a new option for real-time deployment and application integration.  Second, IBM has announced their intention to support the Apache Spark framework on z/OS by year-end.  These announcements give z/OS shops real incentive to explore implementing real-time predictive solutions for their mission-critical applications without having to move data off-platform.

As experts in the implementation of predictive modeling and real-time scoring using the IBM SPSS platform, Elite Analytics welcomes innovations that facilitate the deployment of predictive analytics on z/OS. Embedding data intelligence and predictive analysis in mission-critical mainframe applications is the next frontier for truly leveraging the power of data. Elite Analytics, with over 12 years of experience in advanced predictive analytics is excited to collaborate with IBM to take analytics to the next level.

“IBM continues to invest and innovate in its analytics product line. We have already seen how R integration in SPSS provides a way to leverage an open-source analytics platform to extend an already powerful tool.  Providing Apache Spark support on z/OS platform is yet another example of IBM providing more options for deploying analytic solutions” says Daniele Micci-Barreca, Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Elite Analytics.

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