Managing the complex and expensive task of debt collection is mission critical to the financial health of organizations.

No two debts are identical, and thus applying customized collection tools and processes based upon the nature of the individual debt is central in achieving an optimal debt management function. Debt risk management is a core competency we have built upon over a decade of experience across multiple, varied organizations. We have deployed predictive risk scoring models across the collections life cycle, including:

  • Behavioral models that predict payment probability.
  • Action-Response models that predict the likelihood of receiving a favorable response from the debtor to a particular action.
  • Proactive risk mitigation models that identify debtors that are likely to respond to risk mitigation activities.

Expertise Beyond Predictive Scoring Models

Our unique expertise extends beyond predictive scoring models to help organizations connect risk scores to optimize collection strategies. This approach ultimately enables the right collection resource to be applied to the right debt at the right time.

Having built and deployed dozens of collection scoring models across numerous organizations, Elite Analytics has developed a well-established framework that includes a portfolio of predictors, segmentation approaches, and template of treatment strategies. Our models are used to score millions of debts on an ongoing basis, and we have helped organizations strategically leverage risk scores to optimize workflow designs.

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