We offer a variety of services to help organizations establish real and lasting value in the use of data science tools, techniques and know-how.

With the growing interest in advanced analytics, many organizations are focused on establishing analytical modeling capabilities in-house. As with any new technology, establishing advanced analytics capabilities requires investments in tools, people and know-how. However, it takes far more than investing in textbooks and training to become proficient in the art and science of analytics.

Our data science services are designed to help orgainzations bridge that gap and include:

Tools Training

On-site or computer-based training to provide basic skills in using SPSS® Modeler.

Hands-On Workshops

On-site workshops that guide participants through data mining and model development tasks using real customer data.

Expert-Guided Projects

Implementation of a full project life-cycle working with your staff and guided by Elite Analytics experts.

Ongoing Mentoring

On-site and remote mentoring of your staff to help with questions and issues as they arise.

Organizational Assistance

Provide help in the organizational aspects of establishing new capabilities such as new-hire recruiting, skills assessment, strategic planning and project/task selection.

Establishing advanced analytics capabilities is not easy, but it is possible using multiple, complimentary training methods that involve real work. Elite Analytics can tailor these offerings to fit your needs so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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